Sunday, July 5, 2015

Long Sleeves in June?

June 29, 2015

It has been raining a lot the past few days making things really cold for June, especially for the end of June! I was wearing a cardigan and my rain coat with the heat on in the car. Pretty funky! The weather says it’s a lot more like summer in Utah with some really hot days, hope you have some sprinkler and popsicle fun :)

This week we met Falicia, a referral from the elders. Her stepdad ordered a Bible and she was interested in learning more about our church. When we went her parents answered the door and were rude and wanted us to stop bothering them, but then Falicia came around the corner and saved the day with a “wait no be nice, I’m interested!” We have taught her twice now and she wanted to come to church but was sick. She wants to be baptized a Christian and is trying to figure out which church. She learns slow and doesn’t ask many questions, but really wants to learn. She agreed to a baptismal date on the first lesson!

We got an update to our area book app and with it came in all the old media referrals! So we have 50 referrals to go through and figure out who they are as well as contacting our current referrals. One of the old ones that came through again was this cute sweet old lady. She lived in this little shed turned into a cottage behind a house. When I knocked on the door we heard this grouchy “I don’t want any of it” then I asked if it was Ann and she totally changed and came to the door with a lampshade in her hand, so I asked if we could help her. She said “Can you help me? Oh yes! Come in”. Turns out she had been trying to put together a light fixture for 3 hours and was so frustrated and angry and was about to take it back or throw it out. So I took a look at it, tried a couple ways, then figured it out and put it together for her :) the rest of the time we were there no matter where the conversation went, she kept bringing it back to how much a miracle that was in her life and that God had brought us there to help her when she about to give up. She was adorable and so funny :)

The zone leaders almost burned down our apartment building! They left a pot of beans going on the stove for all of prime time (aka 6-9) and had taken down their smoke detector. Soo when they opened their door smoke came flying out everywhere, covering the hall, it was bad! The firemen and police came and brought huge fans to blow out the smoke. The hall isn’t bad anymore, but their apartment still smells a lot, and sometimes them from their clothes.

We got back in contact with Miranda for the first real time since she moved to Texas! She was a volunteer at a camp for disabled youth for a couple weeks and we could not get even a phone call in. But she’s at her house now so hopefully we can get her in contact with the missionaries there.
That’s about all for this week, I hope yours have been good!
I love you all so much! Mwen manke ou aussi.
Avèk lanmou,
Sister Amanda Hardman
Sorry no pictures this week :(

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