Sunday, July 5, 2015

End of Transfer 1 in New York

June 9, 2015

Transfer two starts tomorrow and I will be staying here in Bayshore with Sister Layton finishing my training like normal! Since i got here she’s been telling me about how sometimes training gets split between two areas or companions and that it might happen to me, but I’m glad that I’ve just got the normal :)

 Happenings of this week: we went to a Baptist bible study on Monday night with an investigator. It was actually pretty good! He was talking about the “cycle of sin” in the book of Judges and it was cool for me to relate to the pride cycle throughout the Book of Mormon. We learn from it in both books of scripture, just another point that shows how they can be used together to learn more. Tuesday and Saturday we ran to the church and back totaling at 3 miles, which should’ve been a lot easier than they were haha. We had to say goodbye to Miranda on Wednesday :( we helped her pack, she had sooo much  stuff !!

A funny selfie shot
A funny selfie shot
Selfie before Miranda moved
Selfie before Miranda moved
We packed 3 big boxes and 3 suitcases! We also talked on the phone with her and the elders who are over her ward in Texas. It sounds like she’ll be in good hands, but it’s still sad and hard to see her go so quickly.

On Thursday we spent a couple hours raking a Sister’s yard in our ward. She hasn’t been to church since February, but she came to sacrament meeting this Sunday! This week was a good one for getting fed haha :) Sister Rivas got us KFC after we raked and that night Kami (another sister in our ward) fed us pizza before we  helped her pack up some things to move. We also got dinner Friday night with a part member family and dinner on Sunday with the Palmers (senior couple in the ward) for the end of transfers. On Friday we had an appointment with a new investigator, who didn’t show, but there was a house inspector there waiting for her too who when we started talking to her happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness pioneer! (That’s their missionaries, they go around in their area in between normal life). That got to be a really interesting situation with both ways
trying to share their beliefs respectfully. We did a pretty good job keeping it from bible bashing but still explaining our views. It’s good to understand how they see it a little better now though! That night we went knocking and found a promising 18 year old girl who isn’t religious because she wasn’t brought up that way, but she wants to be with her future family and is super open minded towards it! Super excited about her :) Saturday we volunteered at a “Global Family Reunion” at flushing meadows park In queens which was cool but low turn out so there wasn’t much for us to do. We got lunch at a Spanish restaurant there in queens with the Hermanas and Jessica, it was good!

Well that’s the week in a nutshell! I love love love each of you!
Avèk lanmou,
Sè Amanda Hardman
p.s. Oh and with staying in Bayshore feel free to send mail to my real apartment address again for the next 6 weeks! :)
With the Palmers- the senior missionary couple

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