Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Week Gone

Amanda and companion with Miranda at temple for baptisms
Amanda and companion with Miranda at temple for baptisms
Miranda and Amanda across the street from the temple in Manhattan
Miranda and Amanda across the street from the temple in Manhattan

June 1. 2015
Aaannnddd there went another week! I can’t decide if these are going
fast or slow, it depends on the moment hahah.

This week as we were leaving a front porch lesson with a hopeful investigator a solar salesman came up and we talked to him instead of him talking to the family haha. He was 24 so it was easier to be
ourselves with sharing rather than robotic phrases. It was fun and he thought we were crazy because we were too happy and doing better than him at talking to people on the streets about our things. We also go to every house with a vivint security sign because we know they’ve met at least a couple Mormons when they got it installed. We’ve really been trying to do better at working with members so we started trying a new approach this week. We have gone to 3 families houses so far and
just sat down for 15 minutes to see how we can serve them, who they think we should reach out to in the ward, and how they are doing with their personal missionary work. Also this week we have ended up stuck at 3 different old ladies houses for a lloonngg time. They all had crazy beliefs and wouldn’t let us share more than a sentence at a time haha.

Oh man and then one morning we were going out the back little sort of
fire escape metal stairs as always to start our morning run and it had
rained the night before. All of a sudden I went whoosh bam bam bonk! I
luckily caught myself on the railing just before my head would’ve hit
too. Haha I have a nasty big bruise on my lower back now, it’s
interesting working with.

Saturday we were once again at the temple, this time with Miranda for
her first time!  We drove to the mission office (Rego Park) and then took the subway in.
It was soo hot! And then we took one of the wrong trains and were on the wrong side of Central Park…..but in the end we made it! It took a long time in the baptistery, but it’s okay because there was a really cool experience. There was a ward group there from New Jersey and they had
brought win them a man who couldn’t walk. He was once a professional football player in the super bowl, but had a stroke and lost all movement on his left side. It was really hard on him and it looked so painful because the whole side was swollen and super dry. He found the church recently and wanted to be able to perform his uncle’s baptism at the temple. It took 3 people to get him up the stairs and 3 people in the font to help him during the baptism but he was able to do it and he looked so happy because of it :) we got Belgian waffles after at a cart in Lincoln Center. They were yummy, but not quite as good as off the streets of Belgium. On the way back in the subway there were
two people with a whole bunch of buckets, then they started drumming and going crazy with all sorts of rhythms, it was super cool!! It was also super loud and echoey which made me sad because I had to plug my ears. I already had a headache from the heat and the noise was turning it into a migraine :( there was also construction on some of the lines and traffic on the freeway so it took a long time to get back. That night we had 2 interviews/discussions with a researcher from the missionary department. The first was about language study and the second was about some pamphlets they’re thinking about introducing. I hope they do finish the pamphlets because they were nice! My head
continued to worsen though…I borrowed sunglasses on the car ride and made it through a lesson with an inactive recent convert…and then died in the car. First full blown migraine in months.

I love you all so much, thank you for your support!
Avèk lanmou,
Sè Hardman

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