Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fin Mwa Twa! (End of Month 3)


June 22, 2015

The weather of New York this week: super super humid making you think it’s much hotter than the 86 degrees it is, switching into random rainstorms.

This week I learned to really really appreciate the clean habits mom and dad taught me and how clean of a house and family I grew up in. Explanation story: we worked on cleaning a members kitchen this week for two hours. The dishes overflowed the sink and covered the countertop, there was rotting food under the dishes, the stove had grime covering every inch, you could smell the dirt. We were washing dishes the entire two hours and barely finished them. It killed me every time I went to put a dish that was finally clean away, because it was going into a super dirty unorganized cupboard or drawer. And this was one of the better rooms of the house. Lesson learned: care about the way your house looks and having a clean kitchen especially! Teach your kids little habits to help with the house and make them responsible. I’m so grateful to know how to keep a house and kitchen clean and sanitary!

The puppy story! (last week’s picture) We were knocking and there was a man cleaning a new oven he got on his driveway. He was chill and talking to us and sort of interested. It was his puppy :)
He went to buy his kids ice cream from the truck in the middle of talking to him, so we sat down and the puppy wandered over to us. So I played with it cause it was adorable!

I made noisy casserole for dinner this week and had leftovers throughout the week, it was nice to have a meal that felt like home :)

A girl named Emily who lives in the ward and is home for the summer from BYU came to a lesson with us this week! It was such a great experience actually having a member present, I wish we could get more members to come with us.

We had zone training meeting this week and it was great! We did a lot to prepare for the mission getting Facebook back and switching from President Calderwood to President Reynolds. We had a cereal break in the middle, I’ll send a picture of it. That night an inactive member named Judy and her son prepared dinner for us and it was a feast! It was all really nice and everything had a second option in case we didn’t like it. They are both super nice but don’t remember much about the church, Judy hasn’t been to church since she was 16 except to get her son blessed. Her mother however is super active and she called her worried about what to feed us. Then oh then she told us to make sure we didn’t forget the groceries she bought for us. I was expecting like just a nice little bag, but no! She pulled out four ginormous bags! So much food! We shared half of it with a single mom in our ward who has three boys and the rest we are cooking and using with all the missionaries living in our apartment building.

This week we met twice with Stephanie, the 12 year old daughter of a member of our ward who joined the church about 2008. Her mother has never pushed anything about the church, wanting her to decide for herself. As we stopped by trying to see her mother, we started talking more to Stephanie. We are now teaching her and she has committed to be baptized and is working towards July 12th :) I think I mentioned her last week, she is great!

Two Haitian experiences this week! Sister Layton said “I like your hat” to a girl in the street and she didn’t understand because sheonly speaks French and Creole. I then went for it, talking in all Creole, getting her information, a little about her, and setting up a return appointment! Number two, the Elders have been meeting with two Haitian women but can’t go in the house because there is no man. Soo yesterday they had me go meet with them and talked to them for awhiletrying to figure out what they’ve learned from the elders.

With Father’s Day yesterday away from home it reminded me more to thank my Heavenly Father for everything he does for me as well as my earthly father. We all share the most wonderful Father we could ever ask for, even the all powerful all loving God. Remember to show him your love and gratitude as well :)
Mwen renmen tout ou!
Avèk lanmou,
Sister Amanda Hardman

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