Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Week in Bayshore, Now Feeling Hot Like Summer


It is very green here! This is what the parkways look like.
It is very green here! This is what the parkways look like.

June 16, 2015

With transfers with have two new elders in our district. Elder Bennet (one of the zone leaders from last transfer) is now an assistant to the president, we now have Elder Ashby instead. He is a red-head Creole speaker who was here in Bayshore earlier in his mission. Funny coincidence, he’s actually the one who welcomed me for all of the Haitian Creole speakers when I introduced myself on the mission Facebook page! He speaks creole frequently, it’s good to hear it more and try to practice. Elder Thelemaque (our district leader) was also transferred. Now we have Elder Sainteran who is Haitian but has been  living in the Dominican Republic for the past 5 years and
started his mission there. He’s cool and is really trying to learn more English.

We don’t have any solid investigators so we have been trying to find people for a lot of our time this week…aka lots of knocking and lookups! Last week you wouldn’t have believed it was June because it was cold and windy, but this week it definitely felt like summer! Oh man it was so hot and humid when we were knocking, buutt I remembered to wear sunscreen so no sunburns :) and then today it’s raining like crazy! we met a whole bunch of Spanish speakers when knocking, it’s amazing how many of them from South American countries met with missionaries and went to church in their countries.

We helped Sister Rivas with her yard again, this week we were weeding. And oh my goodness I have never weeded with sooo many bugs all over before! It was gross. But we cleaned it up a lot, so that’s good! There are a few members we are trying to help get to the temple or back to it and are just held back by tithing. I’m so glad to have been brought up paying tithing and knowing the importance and blessings of it. With how expensive it is to live in New York it is very hard for those who never did or stopped paying tithing to start it again because they are scared if they will have enough. Truly it is a test  of faith, to rely and trust in God over the things of the world.

Two less actives we’re working with came to church! And one less active family that we’re working with the daughter, Stephanie. The mom and older sister were baptized a few years ago but she was not. She’s a super cool mature 12 year old that grew up sometimes going to church, has fond memories of when the elders would come over to teach them, and believes everything she remembers from what they taught and from at church. She wants to get baptized, but it’s hard to have a real lesson with her because her mom is rarely home. We’re hoping to get her mom and sister involved to strengthen their testimony and understanding too.

That sums the week up! I love each of you so much and am grateful to have your influence in my life making me who I am at this point, and your support while I’m here.
Mwen renmen tou ou! Fanmi mwen pi bon pase tou!
With great love,
Sister Amanda Hardman

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