Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 2 Gone

Bonjou fanmi mwen!

The MTC is still just great. It definitely feels like I've been here for more than two weeks, we do so much all the time.
Aaron, I have a joke for you...who was the first prophet to go through the MTC? I'll answer it at the end.
Yes, I am supposed to be alone here, it's still crazy. The past 3 transfers has been one solo Haitian Creole speaking sister each. There's just my two teachers so we come together or 6 weeks apart. My investigators I teach here are not actually investigators. My first investigator is "Jean" in role play. We take it seriously but it's a safe way to learn and practice. I got another investigator yesterday, Pierre, who's actually my teacher. In role play he is a less active convert that is really frustrating and doesn't really care about anything, but I've just got to hope and work hard so maybe something will get through to him. Tomorrow I will do TRC for the first time. It's every wednesday we go to teach people who are being themselves, two 20 minute lessons. So it could be a member or investigator, not role play but not continued meetings.

OH! I didn't tell you last week. We were doing service in the temple laundry room after we finished our session, and an AYISYEN SISTER came up and talked to me! She was talking to me in Haitian, knew that I was learning her language, that I was going to New York. It was crazy and cool! But the even crazier part is that when I was asking my teachers neither of them know who she is...and I didn't have my name tag on because we were in the temple, so she couldn't have known from that. Fre Chandler thinks she might be a member they are having come to TRC for me. I guess I'll find out!

I'm really happy with my progress in Haitian Creole! and so are my teachers which is a good sign. It's not very hard of a language, and having french background helps me guess and get close enough while I'm still learning. I told you the wrong name for the songbook, it's actually Chan Pou Granmoun ak Timoun. It literally means Songs for big people and little people. It makes me happy :) It can also get confusing in the language because every word can mean at least like 5 other things! aahhh you really have to know the context in any sentence to understand what is being said. 

Once again, the spirit is just really strong here. I love how much I can feel it. I have had so many insights that I didn't realize before as I study for my investigators. Since this sunday was Fast sunday we had mission conference, which felt like an MTC session of general conference. One of the District Presidents and his wife, the 1st counselor in the MTC presidency and his wife, and the MTC president and his wife all spoke. I don't have much else to tell you about, so I'll just spend the rest of the time answering questions and responding.

Sister Calderon is from Sacramento, CA. Sister Welter is from Orlando, FL. Sister Deakin is from Treemonton, UT (right by ID). As Sister Training Leaders my companion and I interview the other sisters and report to the Branch presidency concerning how we are doing. We are the sisters voice at branch council. I don't get to watch Women's conference until Saturday, we're watching it when the elders have Priesthood session. I'm really excited and will definitely listen especially for those talks!
The first prophet to go through the MTC was... Moses! cause it was the empty sea ;)

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