Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This 2nd week went quick! - April 27, 2015

Well this week really went by fast!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we deep cleaned our apartment for the end of the transfer. Wednesday we did service at a park in Islip, for earth day they had a big project going on cleaning it up. We were breaking up a bunch of hard old dirt and mixing in compost so that they could plant in it later that day, then we also raked a bunch of old leaves out of the forest edge, pulled out dead branches and logs, and picked up nasty trash hidden under the leaves. Throughout the week a LOT of people cancelled appointments, weren't home, never responded, and/or didn't have time to talk to us..but that's the life of a missionary!

Thursday felt like we were inside forever between studies and weekly planning. I had a mini exchange with the STL's for dinner that night, it was nice to have a change. That night we took a Book of Mormon to a lady that Jessica had met and talked to on the train. Aaanndd..she's Haitian!!! Definitely the highlight of my week. She is really nice and talked to me in creole, not crazy fast like the few I've met when contacting, but so I could understand, and I used creole with her the whole time once I knew. She lives close to us and is married with a little girl so I really hope she continues to be interested. Friday and Saturday we went knocking as a district in the same areas. Also on Friday we met a new girl, she is a foreign exchange student from China and has been working with the Chinese speaking sisters in Flushing from our area. She loves the church and is so ready and excited to be baptized. She is seriously so cool! We're helping her finish getting ready and she is coming to our ward now. Saturday there was a meeting for the new trainers so we drove out to the mission office in Queens and back (about an hour and a half each way). Sister Layton says it was really good and wishes they had told her all of it before I came.

Sunday was a multi stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake for the North-east corner section area of the U.S. Elder Anderson and Hales spoke as well as the 2nd counselor in the general relief society presidency. It was cool! We share a building with the Spanish ward so announcements were translated and we sang at the same time in 2 languages. We had dinner with a senior couple in our ward for the end of transfers and she made orange jello with mandarin oranges and carrots which reminded me of moms jello :) starting tomorrow it will be just me and Sis Layton and Sis Ewell will be out of Bayshore for the first time in her mission. Not sure what else to tell you about, sooo ask me questions and I'd be happy to answer!

Ohh!! We drove to a park nearby this morning and ran down the trail to the beach! If you look close, behind to the left of my head is a lighthouse, the light was even still on :) it is on what's called Fire Island. It was a gorgeous sky too!! Pplluuss it was a trail run, my favorite :)

Mwen renmen tou ou anpil!

Avèk lanmou,

Sè Hardman


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